A Paper-Less Office

Moving forward requires us to move digitally in this era of technology, as the initiative taken by Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi for a digital India with a great actions on De-monetization to curb the hoard of black money and to switch towards a digital payment has seen a growth towards e-payment and mobile wallets. Similarly we do have to be prepare and contribute in this Digital India movement by being a paper-less society to minimize our use of papers and save our earth for our future generations.

We being a new startup have decided to step forward in this vision with our paper-less office for a paper-less society for minimizing our use of paper on our work. We hope you would also take up this step and also plan towards it to make it a success.

So what really is a Paper-Less Office?

Its just shifting all our documentation work digitally with no or minimal use of papers. As even we had undergone the registration of companies digitally through Ministry of Corporate Affairs, where the forms were filled digitally with a minimal use of papers and to be precise we had to print just 4 pages and even payments were made electronically. This is just a small example of moving with the technology.

Now we would also make sure that being a Paper-Less Office most of our documentation, fee receipts, letters, brochures, etc are done digitally.

If its Paper-Less, how would you sign a document to validate?

Its easy as 1-2-3, similar like a classical approach of signing on a paper using a pen, we would sign the digital documents using a digital signature of class-2, or even the beta-phase of e-sign by DigiLocker could come handy in signing the documents in the future.

Hand-signatures are the traditional way to sign documents where its very hard to authenticate if the sign is valid or not, few documents are even forged. People find themselves printing paper for hand signatures, if they make a mistake and have to redo it, they must print again thus wasting papers. Printing out paper documents that are hand signed need to be either scanned, archived, and routed (by postal mail or courier), adding extra cost and time.

If a paper-less office is introduced with digital signature solution, it can automate approval and authorization processes by allowing the organization to maintain a completely electronic work flow. Documents are never required to be printed as they are not required to be hand signed. Instead, documents are digitally signed in the electronic format. Afterwards, these documents can be emailed, while in a traditional work-flow documents are physically routed through postal mail or courier.

Hence, in a paper-less office documents are not required to be printed out for approvals or hand signatures. Instead, these are digitally signed. This concept can be extended to communications outside the office as well. In this way considerable amount of operational costs can also be cut thus using those resources wisely on some organizational work.

So GlobalCom, with the legal name as OON GlobalCom Private Limited are working as a Paper-Less Office and hope the people would be able to move towards digital transformation and embrace the changes in a good way to help our nation as well as our planet earth.